Nigeria: Ten Benefits of Retirement Living


One social security protection lacking in Nigeria is retirement living. This can be a source of longevity and happiness to retirees if introduced in Nigeria. Here are 10 benefits of retirement living:

Stay independent: Retirement living lets you live your life, your way. You have the choice, the privacy and the freedom to maintain the lifestyle you want.

Nurture your well-being: With everything from nutritious and balanced meals, to rewarding recreational and social activities, retirement living can keep you fit in mind, body and spirit.

Find the right support: If you need a little extra care or support, the professionals on staff can provide you with things like health assistance, medication administration, and help with bathing and dressing.

Say goodbye to household chores: The residence staff can free you from the time and effort of chores like laundry, housekeeping and maintenance.

Live in convenient settings: Retirement residences are often within walking distance of shops, restaurants and other areas of interest, making it easy to get out and about.

Enjoy companionship: With friendly neighbours and plenty of opportunities for interaction, you can have a ready-made social life.

Live how you want: Many residences offer a range of suite sizes and styles, from studios to one- or two-bedroom apartments. Some units include balconies or patios, and some residences offer assisted living accommodations.

Enjoy great amenities: Your retirement residence could include a fitness room, games room, lounge, gardens, library, theatre, café, salon, and more – an array of attractive choices right at your fingertips.

Stay active: There are a range of classes, programmes and excursions to suit every interest, and help keep you as busy as you want.

Reduce your stress: The safety and security of a retirement residence can eliminate some of the worries that come from living alone or taking care of your own household.

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